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Hi everyone! I’m Dr. Bret Scher, board-certified cardiologist, lipidologist, and medical director for Diet Doctor. I am a strong promoter of healthy, low-carbohydrate diets to help people improve their metabolic and overall health.

In my role at Diet Doctor, I make sure everything we publish and promote is medically accurate and helpful for most people. But I don’t just promote low-carb diets to others, I follow one myself!

My health journey

I was trained in an Ornish-style preventive cardiology program that promoted a very low-fat vegan diet. So, high-protein, low-carb diets were foreign to me for much of my early career. But I was lucky enough to open a wellness center with a good friend and health coach who was a big proponent of keto diets. He helped me see the potential benefits that reducing carbs could have on our patients. I wasn’t willing to try it on my patients until I tried it on myself first.

My self-experimentation and subsequent devouring of the scientific literature on low-carb diets opened my eyes to a world of potential. I have seen more weight, metabolic, and health benefits from low-carb diets than I have seen from any other lifestyle intervention.

Personally, I have experimented with strict keto, moderate low-carb, and high-protein diets. Today, I follow a combined high-protein, moderate low-carb diet. But more importantly for me, I follow what I consider a “quick and easy food prep diet.”

I don’t have much time for cooking (or cleaning!), so I like to keep things simple. I always have dinner leftovers for lunch the next day, and I usually eat breakfast two days per week and practice 18:6 time-restricted eating the other days. Plus, I like how time-restricted eating can help improve metabolic health and shows I am in control of my hunger and my food intake.

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